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John Gibbs September 17, 2010 at 7:08 pm

Hi Paul,
Thanks for the nice comments about our vacation home.
Kind regards,
John Gibbs

Gambolin' Man May 18, 2011 at 9:31 am

Hey, Paul,

Thanks for checking out my blog! I’ve got yours bookmarked, and will add it to my blogroll!

Paul May 18, 2011 at 10:15 am

Gambolin’ Man, thank you for visiting my shasta blog. I always see your comments over at John Soares’ blog, and I look forward to checking out your site as well.

Lindy January 22, 2012 at 12:57 pm

Great blog! Thank you for the endless ideas of places to explore.

Paul Reichow June 3, 2014 at 9:35 pm

Lindy; Thank you! Paul

shantam July 22, 2016 at 8:54 pm

Thanks so much Paul for your blog. If it is okay with you I will put your link on our Angel Hiuse vacation rental website and our Facebook page as I think a lot of our guests will appreciate your writing.

Keep up the good work!

Lee E. Crouch August 15, 2016 at 12:45 pm

I’m trying to reach James Langford who taught for many years in Weed.
If anybody knows him, can you pass my e-mail on, and ask him to get ahold of me. Please assure him that this is not a legal matter or a solicitation – it is a “friendly” contact.
If he’d be more comfortable calling me from an untraceable phone, my number is 559/280-4628

Thane Thomas September 8, 2016 at 11:11 pm

Paul is indeed on to something. I read today that North Korea has banned sarcasm as critical of the State. I once commented in FJ as I watched someone driving, talking on her cell phone, swerving to the wrong side of the street, making an illegal u-turn in the middle of the business block to park facing traffic on the other side of the street: “Wow, that’s good work”, to which the manager of the bar I was visiting said “yeah” and the town’s career DUI (no, pal, I don’t call the cops on you; I respect your hard life. Ya’ll might try the lady who comments on your driving stewed past her place and the kids you might hit and get a grip on your hatred) said “If you don’t like it here, go back to Oakland with your n—–s!” I just read Paul’s travelogue-quality piece on Callahan (and no, interviewing locals- a complaint by one respondent- has zero relevance to a tourist’s impression unless he wishes to include such a thing; I don’t walk around Saigon interviewing passersby to get an idea that it’s hot, sticky and the traffic is nuts. The piece was a fun read, thanks.). In the interest of clearing out some of the dust that will only prove a growth medium for more of the suspicion and mistrust which may do more harm than good to an otherwise decent community like SV; yes, the lynching was terrible, as one comment contends, but no, bringing it up is not nearly as evil as suppressing terrible fact of human record as was done at the time with the roundup and programmed “forgetting” of news accounts about the event. “Those who don’t remember history…” and all that, the Mr. Begley noted in that thread has himself figured in pieces relevant (one his own). Forgetting about it may be just what anyone close to the perpetrators may want, not that anyone from among them is to be found writing here. The Valley- and County- sadly enjoy some of the most down-to-Earth, sincere folks I could hope to meet- and some who personify the evil with which the place is viewed by the “flatlanders” so far away. From the Bay Area, I found the place to be postcard perfect in traversing Forest Mountain summit; the people I met, just plain decent. It was after following the accusations of a few malcontents (so I thought at the time), looking further into their tales, and experiencing firsthand the special friendliness of a few willing to share their own brand of sociopathy that I came to see it in a different light. I had earlier thought that Daniel Webster was a man well out of his tree for his chase of someone in County governance (I do agree that he was pretty intense in his weekly Pioneer Press at the time); a look at the circumstances of his all but disappearance from the limelight brought home a new awareness (it still figures in some online archives), as did the view of the Anna Phelps matter (this, too, from without the local interview dynamic, though a few, read two, folks locally did admit that it at least could have happened, as did, apparently, the court and some far-away press), a local business manager’s account of calling a school about his mixed-race kid and their pretending not to know him (until the father noted the ethnicity “I’m the father of —-; you wanted to talk with me” “Who?” “—” “Who?” “The black one” “Oh…”), a local and well-liked educator’s comment to me about “small-mindedness” in the community that had essentially taken what it could of his volunteerism and dismissed him summarily (per his own account, at least), my own experience of having given the same little theater most of their stagelights at the time, then getting pushed aside by some bigtime guy who wanted to establish himself as the big fish, as well as the washed-up voiceover w.h.y. actress who expected David Belasco to hop to her whim (to her cast- “He said he focused the lights…” – she wanted blue- but ALL of them?- “…but there’s these four white shells pointing down.” Thanks for the defamation jerkoff, but had you done one 90th of the TV you claimed to, you’d know a damn rimlight and no-one, no-one, colors an entire set and talent with one color and does them all in Marcel face. We did Pullman Car in high school for ACTF. Go back to grade school and learn some respect. And where’s either my credit or a check, Bigshot?) a family relocated to Etna after having left years ago- now essentially shunned in general and keeping to themselves (for 11 years, their daughter told me a few years ago); the Valley priest, Fr. Glenn (he lasted a couple of years, as I recall) who said he not only noticed a unique demeanor but was advised by a parishioner or two that “People here are… different.”, a local criticism of the NPR crew for their destructive behavior (which the unknowing might have believed… but I called the producer of the show who hadn’t heard about it- we didn’t do that with PBS, I know), a transplanted entrepreneur who sponsors community bike rides but whose neighbor apparently harasses him for having moved in next door, the Rigneys (outsiders from SoCal; Wrightwood, actually) who had a nice cafe in Y-town, apparently p.o.’ed some well-figuring person and found not only their business boycotted but strewn with used cups from the competitor’s when they’d arrive to open daily… And- what led me to find this site and Paul’s sharply directed focus on some of the machinations in county regarding his own business (per the byline)- an old-family-name boy taking it upon himself to run my bicycle off the road, tearing a meniscus in my knee, and accost me with his shovel saying twice “If I ever see you again, I’m gonna bury you; do you understand?” The deputy called him first- to get both sides; the next day his civil servant business partner on what I took to be his daily rounds in public service (kinda looks crooked, friend) saw me at a park and who drives up 20 minutes later but Mr. Threat himself, unseen before in that spot for the year I’d been going there to read (there’s a piece in Atlantic City NJ about this kind of thing gone really bad recently: http://www.pressofatlanticcity.com/news/accused-of-aiding-in-murder-plot-atlantic-city-public-works/article_19f1c552-f05a-11e5-b202-1705f5ea8ce0.html)… I’d prefer not to be dragged out and buried by the dude who “knows every trail like the back of his hand” on their business website… Yes, there are things to be forgotten- until they evince an ongoing dynamic that might benefit being addressed in the hope of removing the stigma of an insular, outsider-hating, even murderous atmosphere. The British transplant calling the Valley “a 90-square mile trailer park”, I wouldn’t do; it’s simply a rural area that benefits from a general myopia and Deliverance-esque mistrust of anyone who ain’t fambly. Back to one of those unsavory details of the area, an article about Mr. Begley appears here: http://www.mailtribune.com/article/20151110/NEWS/151119993; his own article is here: http://www.scn.org/~begley/lynching.txt . I have met several good folks, and believe them to be more representative of SV and Siskiyou in general. The stalkers, haters, assaulters aren’t in the main, though the area does maintain a slightly-above-average crime rate- but their actions stand out simply because it’s otherwise such a nice place. As another deputy opined to me, “The crime here is as much as anywhere else in percentage, just with lower numbers because of the lower population.” NOW you tell me. I can’t wait to divest, let the good folks have their way, and hopefully let them get tired on their own of living in fear (such as the really nice woodworker and his wife in FJ who spoke to me of the drunks walking down the street at bar close, kicking in the sides of cars- whom the good they were afraid to address out of a fear that really belongs only in Chiraq, if anywhere)- versus simply forgetting and “moving on”, sweeping the deritus of local misanthropy under the carpet, which has allowed it to go on for so long. For my part, I don’t bother the local authorities about my own issue with the institutionalized bullying element posing as right friendly, good old down home nicefolk (half of whom are outsiders trying to fit in anyway). I just go to the higher authorities and press outlets who watch them in turn. I’ve had since that friendly roadside meeting in July 2014 to do it. By now they can forget that forgetting stuff itself- and clean up their act. Good luck, Paul. I enjoy the rare treat of incisive intelligent discourse in such an out-of-modern-society’s-way place. Make sure you don’t cross paths with shovelman… or his friends… their neighbors… or… or…

A 49er gal January 14, 2019 at 5:38 am

Personally, I love satire. But what I love more than that… FREE SPEECH, aka the First Amendment, or what’s left of it.

I am so sick of “PC” verbiage, calling every word that ‘whomever’ doesn’t personally like “hate speech”, being attack by someone because they don’t like your take on the world, and laws being passed to keep most everyone (clearly not me) in abject fear of uttering the wrong word. In other words, never being able to say what one really means in the manner they wish to express it.

Keep writing, Paul — any damn way you please.

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