Trail Review: Hedge Creek Falls

by Shasta Cascade on June 1, 2010

Not in the mood for a long hike? Then Hedge Creek Falls is the perfect trail for you and your family. Located just off southbound I-5 in Dunsmuir, Hedge Creek Falls is an easy five minute walk from the trailhead.

When you enter the Falls park entrance, you’ll see a grassy area with some picnic tables to your left. Straight ahead of you will be a water fountain (works fine) and a gazebo with a view of Mt. Shasta off in the distance. To your right will be the trail down to the falls. Follow the trail down a couple of easy switchbacks into a small canyon, and you’ll soon be at the Falls.

Hedge Creek Falls is about 30 feet high, and like most waterfalls, is most impressive during spring snowmelt. By late Fall, it’s only a small stream, but it’s still worth seeing. There is a small cave-like area behind the Falls that extends into the basalt, and there are plenty of rocks around to sit down on.

One thing that is interesting to note is the hexagonal post-pile formations of rock that formed when deep pools of lava cooled at a slow rate. This is similar to what one would see at the Devil’s Post Pile National Monument.

Click here for professional photography of Hedge Creek Falls.

Directions: Take the Dunsmuir/Siskiyou Exit off I-5 and head west.
*If you exited from I-5 going south, you’ll take a right at the stop sign, and the Falls parking lot is immediately to your right on Mott Road. You’ll park your car, then cross the street and you’ll be at the Falls entrance.

*If you exited from I-5 northbound, you’ll want to take a left and cross under the freeway and take a right on Mott Road and immediately pull into the Falls

then immediately take another right.

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