Rumors Addressed: McCloud Dinner Train, Steam Engine #25

by Shasta Cascade on April 24, 2009

A couple weeks ago, I was looking at the vistor logs for the old website to see which pages were most popular.

It turns that the story about the McCloud Railway’s Steam Engine For Sale was read the most.   I did some further digging and found that visitors found the article by searching for “McCloud Steam Engine #25” on Google, and my article came up as one of the links.

I guess the fact that the Engine was for sale made big news in Railroad enthusiast circles, and people were trying to learn more.

On the YouTube video page, I noticed one commenter said that the engine had been sold in March.  I called the Shasta Sunset Dinner Train on March 15th to see if this was true, and the woman who answered the phone said that the engine had not been sold.

Incidentally, a neighbor also told me that the Dinner Train itself was for sale, or even in the process of being sold.  I asked the lady about these stories, and she became agitated and asked me where I got all this information, and that you can’t believe everything you hear.  (Reeeow!!  Insert sound effect of a cat’s tail being stepped on here).  Maybe it’s just the nature of small towns that wild stories spread quickly.

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