Photo of the Day: Tree Removal in McCloud

by Shasta Cascade on July 30, 2009

Tree being removed

Tree being removed

Logger in tree

Photo of the Day:  A cedar tree being removed from Quincy Street in McCloud.

If you look carefully, you can see the logger way up in the tree, just below the canopy.  All branches were cut and lowered one by one. Then, the main trunk was sliced and lowered one piece at a time.

This tree was estimated to be about eighty years old, and was about five feet in diameter at the base. Not sure of the height, but maybe around 100-120 feet.

The tree had to be removed because it was planted to close to the house and it’s roots were lifting the foundation of the house.

Moral of the Story:

Be careful where you plant trees that will one day become large conifers, because a future homeowner might be stuck with a costly removal bill.

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