About the City of Mt. Shasta

by Shasta Cascade on October 24, 2008

Mt. Shasta SignThe City of Mt. Shasta is located along I-5 about one hour north of Redding and an hour south of the Oregon border. It’s sometimes referred to as Mt Shasta City to distinguish it from the mountain.    The town used to be known as Sisson, and the town adopted the current name in 1924.

The town is located on the south-western slope of Mt. Shasta at about the 3,600 ft elevation.

The population is only about 3,624, but it’s the most populous town along I-5between Redding and the county seat Yreka to the north.

With the decline of the timber industry, tourism plays a major role in the local economy.   Mt. Shasta is known as a major spiritual center.  There’s lots of legends and lore about lost civilizations living under the mountain, populated by citizens known as lemurians.

If you’re looking to climb Mt. Shasta or explore the surrounding areas, Mt. Shasta would be a good place to stay because there’s a number of hotels, restaurants and shops in town.

Stylized Photo-of-shastaThe City of Mt. Shasta receives less snow than McCloud, but it’s not uncommon to receive a dumping of a several feet in the winter.  Summers are usually hot and dry.

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