McCloud’s Sugar Pine Candy Company has Closed

by Shasta Cascade on December 20, 2008

Originally published 12/20/08

McCloud- One of McCloud’s greatest attractions has gone out of business. Located in the Mercantile Building in downtown, the Sugar Pine Candy Company closed its doors early December due to the slowing economic environment.

For years, the Candy Company was a must-see for all tourists and visitors passing through the area. The shop was stocked with vintage candies, multiple varieties of licorice, and homemade chocolates and truffles. Free samples were handled out to all.

According to sources, the Candy shop is expected to open again in the future with new owners.

April 24, 2009 Update:  The candy company remains closed.    A sign remains taped to the door, saying it will reopen in the future.

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