Phil Harris of TV’s “Deadliest Catch” has died

by Shasta Cascade on February 10, 2010

Captain Phil Harris of the Discovery Channel’s “Deadliest Catch” television show has died.  Captain Harris visited Mt. Shasta last June as part of a promotional tour for his new brand of coffee.  Hundreds of Shasta residents lined up outside Ray’s Food to meet him and take pictures.

Captain Harris was unloading crab on January 29th from a boat docked on St. Paul island in Alaska when he had a stroke.  He was rushed to a hospital and underwent a twelve-hour surgery.  He seemed to be doing better right after the operation, but suffered a setback and died Tuesday, February 9th.  Captain Harris was one of the most popular members of the show, and will be missed by people everywhere.


Original Story from June 25: It’s not every day that Mt. Shasta gets a celebrity in town. Reality TV star Phil Harris,  from Discovery Channel’s “Deadliest Catch” TV show sailed into town today to promote his new line of gourmet coffee.

Phil Harris signing autographs in Mt. Shasta on June 25, 2009

Phil Harris signing autographs in Mt. Shasta on June 25, 2009

Hundreds of Mt. Shasta residents braved 90 degree heat and waited hours in front of Ray’s Food Place for the chance to meet the star and get autographs.  People seemed in good spirits and happy for the chance to meet him.

Phil’s is best known for his appearances on Discovery Channel’s “The Deadliest Catch”, which is a reality show that profiles the lives and work of Alaskan crab fishermen as they go about catching King and Opelio crab in the Bearing sea.  In the show, people get an appreciation for the fishermen as they work in freezing weather doing the most dangerous job in the US.

Over the past five seasons, at least two fishing boats have sank, taking nine lives.  In one episode, Captain Phil  was personally responsible for saving the life of a fisherman who fell overboard from a nearby boat into freezing water.  Phil saw the man fall into the water, but nobody else noticed.  Phil was able to get on the radio and alert the boat that a crew member had fallen overboard.  Phil’s boat was close by and was able to pull the barely conscious man out of the water.

Hundreds waited hours in heat to meet Phil

Hundreds waited hours in 90 degree heat to meet Phil

Phil is touring a number of Ray’s grocery stores throughout Oregon and California to promote his new coffee.  Phil was scheduled to be at Mt. Shasta Ray’s from 4-7pm.  People started lining up at 3pm, and there was still a long line of people at 6pm.

Phil Harris signing autographs at Ray's

Phil Harris signing autographs at Ray's

Phil’s new coffee is called “Captain Reserve Coffee”.  You can find out more at his website:

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