The Rugged Beauty of Yaquina Head on the Oregon Coast

by Shasta Cascade on January 2, 2017

Yaquina Head is like a spanish masterpiece of nature, located on the central Oregon coast, located just north of the city of Newport.  In January, 2014, we really wanted to get out of the Portland area to avoid Superbowl madness.  We decided to head to the coast.  Due to a temperature inversion, temperatures in the Willamette Valley close to freezing, while the coast and mountainous ski areas had daytime temperatures into the 60’s.

The timing of our visit was perfect: there were very few visitors that day because everybody was watching the big Superbowl football game at home.  Yaquina Head sees nearly 350,000 visitors per year.  On the day we visited, we only saw a few dozen other people.

We drove up to the visitor center and got out of the car.  The hosts behind the desk were extremely friendly to us.  They gave us passes to the next Lighthouse Tour Group.  While burning time, we got to look at all the exhibits inside all by ourselves.  Once we we got close to our appointment time, we got back in the car and drove the last mile to the Yaquina Lighthouse for our tour.

Here’s a map of the Yaquina Head Natural Area, courtesy of the BLM website.


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