McCloud’s Sugar Pine Candy Company is Open Again!

by Shasta Cascade on June 7, 2009

Good news for travelers: the Sugar Pine Candy Company reopened for business May 24, 2009 after being closed for nine months.  Located in McCloud’s mercantile building, the business closed last September due to the slowing economy.  It reopened under the direct ownership of the mercantile building.

The Sugar Pine Candy Company delighted adults and children alike with the vast selection of vintage candies and homemade chocolate delights.  No matter your age, it’s always a joy to see a candy you haven’t thought about since you were a child, and relive the memories that went along with it.

My personal favorite was the black licorice: the nice big pieces that came form the jar on the shelf behind the counter.    Some people hate black licorice, but I think it’s great.  Personally, I don’t care for the weird salty varieties that comes from Norwegian countries….just the normal, sweet tasting good stuff.

As of Memorial Day, the Candy Company was still building up it’s stock of candies.  Hopefully over the next several months, they’ll get back the great selection that was once there.

The Sugar Pine Candy Company was a major draw for McCloud and the mercantile building.  Thank god it’s back!

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