The Magic of Medicine Lake in Northern California

by Shasta Cascade on January 28, 2017

Medicine Lake, looking west to Mt. ShastaMedicine Lake  is located about  30 miles Northeast of Mt. Shasta ( 90 minutes by car) and offers spectacular opportunities for recreation and sightseeing.

The lake sits in the caldera of an ancient volcano called Medicine Lake Volcano.  The most recent eruptions took place about 1,000 years ago on the east side of the rim (called Glass Mountain).

The elevation of the lake is an amazing 6,700 feet, and the lake covers nearly 600 acres. Its waters are known for being cold and amazingly clear.

Medicine Lake has special spiritual significance for local Indian tribes, who frequently use the lake for ceremonies.

Medicine Lake Map









USA Today article:

Sunset Magazine Article about Medicine Lake, Sept 1988:



This video shows the winter uses of Medicine Lake. Lots of snowmobiles, and some ATV’s. There’s nothing as annoying as listening to the whine of a snowmobile or ATV if you are not driving it, but I’m adding this video to show the winter options.

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erica August 20, 2017 at 11:48 am

Is there any particular days the native Indian Tribes visit medicine lake and do their ceremonies?

Edgar Alaniz November 16, 2021 at 11:28 am

Erica seems nobody answer the Q?
I’m here at Mt Shasta looking for this wonderful tribe with a lot of history and knowledge hoping they would share with me.
Seems the population is gone down to leas than 1%

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