Avalanches slide down Mt. Shasta; nobody injured

by Shasta Cascade on May 11, 2009

A series of avalanches have occurred on Mt. Shasta over the past few days.  An Avalanche Watch was in effect over the weekend, and expired Monday morning.  A few of the avalanches were caused by people.  Luckily, nobody has been injured.

Despite the recent warm temperatures and all the talk about a water shortage in California, most people would be surprised at the amount of snow still on the mountain.    Even more surprising is that the mountain has received 2-4 feet of new snow since the begining of the month in the upper elevations.  The conditions for an avalanche are in place right now.

It’s suprising that people were skiing in the back country because avalanche warnings have been well broadcasted by the US weather service and US forest service.

For current avalanche conditions, see http://shastaavalanche.org

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