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The Lakes of Siskiyou County

by Shasta Cascade on June 10, 2010

Did you know that Siskiyou County is home to at least 272 named lakes, as we as many other unnamed ones? Take a look at this list and see how many you have visited.

One of the main long-term goals of this site will be to visit and photograph each of these.    Do you know of any lakes that are missing from this list?  If so, leave a comment.

Abbott Lake (English Peak area)
Abrams Lake (City of Mount Shasta area)
Adobe Flat Reservoir (Timbered Crater area)
Albert Lake (Eaton Peak area)
Angel Lake (Boulder Peak area)
Antelope Creek Lakes (Rainbow Mountain area)
Aspen Lake (Boulder Peak area)
Azalea Lake (Figurehead Mountain area)
Babs Lake (Yellow Dog Peak area)
Barnum Flat Reservoir (White Horse area)
Barton Lake (Little Shasta area)
Bass Lake (Little Shasta area)
Beal Lake (Sheepy Lake area)
Bear Lake (Bear Peak area)
Bear Lake (Grider Valley area)
Bear Lake (Hambone area)
Big Blue Lake (Eaton Peak area)
Big Carmen Lake (Scott Mountain area)
Big Duck Lake (Eaton Peak area)
Big Elk Lake (Marble Mountain area)
Big Lake (Gazelle area)
Big Springs Lake (Lake Shastina area)
Bingham Lake (Eaton Peak area)
Blanche Lake (Medicine Lake area)
Blue Granite Lake (Ukonom Lake area)
Blue Pond (Greenview area)
Blueberry Lake (English Peak area)
Bonita Lake (Mount Dome area)
Boozey Lake (Captain Jacks Stronghold area)
Browns Lake (City of Mount Shasta area)
Buck Lake (Devils Punchbowl area)
Buckhorn Lake (Boulder Peak area)
Bug Lake (Yellow Dog Peak area)
Bullseye Lake (Medicine Lake area)
Burney Lake (Ukonom Lake area)
Buzzard Lake (Boulder Peak area)
Cabin Meadow Lake (South China Mountain area)
Caldwell Lakes (South China Mountain area)
Calf Lake (Boulder Peak area)
Campbell Lake (Boulder Peak area)
Caribou Lake (Caribou Lake area)
Castle Lake (Seven Lakes Basin area)
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Cecil Lake (Cecil Lake area)
Cedar Lake (Little Shasta area)
Cedar Lake (Seven Lakes Basin area)
Charmaine Lake (English Peak area)
Chimney Rock Lake (Forks of Salmon area)
Chinquapin Lake (Boulder Peak area)
Chipmunk Lake (Mount Eddy area)
Clarence King Lake (Mount Shasta area)
Clear Lake (Medicine Mountain area)
Cliff Lake (Boulder Peak area)
Cliff Lake (Seven Lakes Basin area)
Cloak Lake (Little Shasta area)
Copco Lake (Copco area)
Crater Lake (China Mountain area)
Crumes Lake (Captain Jacks Stronghold area)
Cuddihy Lakes (Ukonom Lake area)

Deadfall Lakes (No review on fishingworks website)   Deadfall is a group of three lakes near Mt. Eddy.
Good background info here on
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John Soares has a trip review on his Northern California Hiking Trails blog.

Deadman Lake (Ukonom Lake area)
Deep Lake (Boulder Peak area)
Deep Lake (Mount Dome area)
Deyarmie Lake (Red Rock Lakes area)
Diamond Lake (English Peak area)
Dobkins Lake (Mount Eddy area)
Dogwood Lake (Boulder Peak area)
Dry Lake (Bear Peak area)
Dry Lake (English Peak area)
Duck Lake (Tennant area)
Durney Lake (Mount Eddy area)
Dwight Hammond Reservoir (Weed area)
East Boulder Lake (Billys Peak area)
Eaton Lakes (Eaton Peak area)
Echo Lake (Kangaroo Mountain area)
Elk Hole (Chimney Rock area)
Elk Lake (Kangaroo Mountain area)
English Lake (English Peak area)
Falvey Lake (Lower Klamath Lake area)
Fish Lake (Deadman Peak area)
Fox Creek Lake (Billys Peak area)
Freeway Lake (Lake Shastina area)
Frog Lake (Rainbow Mountain area)
Frying Pan Lake (Marble Mountain area)
Gate Lake (Marble Mountain area)
Gem Lake (Marble Mountain area)
Gillem Lakes (Captain Jacks Stronghold area)
Glaser Lakes (Sheepy Lake area)
Gold Granite Lake (Ukonom Lake area)
Golden Russian Lake (Eaton Peak area)
Goodbye Lake (Kangaroo Mountain area)
Granite Lakes (Ukonom Lake area)
Gray Rock Lake (Seven Lakes Basin area)
Green Granite Lake (Ukonom Lake area)
Greenhorn Reservoir (Yreka area)
Grouse Creek Lake (Scott Mountain area)
Gumboot Lake (Mumbo Basin area)
Hancock Lake (English Peak area)
Heart Lake (Seven Lakes Basin area)
Heather Lake (English Peak area)
Helen Lake (Mount Shasta area)
Hello Lake (Kangaroo Mountain area)
Hemlock Lake (Rainbow Mountain area)
Hidden Lake (Deadman Peak area)
High Lake (Eaton Peak area)
Hogan Lake (Eaton Peak area)
Hole in the Ground Lake (Lake Shastina area)
Hooligan Lake (Ukonom Lake area)
Horse Range Lake (English Peak area)
Horse Range Lakes (Eaton Peak area)
Horseshoe Lake (Eaton Peak area)
Independence Lake (Ukonom Lake area)
Indian Tom Lake (Dorris area)
Iron Gate Reservoir (Iron Gate Reservoir area)
Isinglass Lake (Boulder Peak area)
Jackson Lake (Eaton Peak area)
Jewel Lake (Marble Mountain area)
Jones Lake (Sawyers Bar area)
Josephine Lake (Caribou Lake area)
Josephine Lake (Eaton Peak area)
Juanita Lake (MacDoel area)
Kangaroo Lake (Scott Mountain area)
Kelly Lake (Polar Bear Mountain area)
Kidder Lake (Boulder Peak area)
Kleaver Lake (Marble Mountain area)
Knownothing Lake (Youngs Peak area)
Laird Lake (Mount Dome area)
Lake Ethel (English Peak area)
Lake Katherine (English Peak area)
Lake of the Island (English Peak area)
Lake One (Hatfield area)
Lake Shastina (Lake Shastina area)
Lake Siskiyou (City of Mount Shasta area)
Lily Lake (Medicine Mountain area)
Lily Pad Lake (Kangaroo Mountain area)
Lily Pad Lake (Scott Mountain area)
Lipstick Lake (Eaton Peak area)
Little Caribou Lake (Caribou Lake area)
Little Carmen Lake (Scott Mountain area)
Little Castle Lake (Dunsmuir area)
Little Crater Lake (Mount Eddy area)
Little Duck Lake (Eaton Peak area)
Little Elk Lake (Marble Mountain area)
Little Hancock Lake (English Peak area)
Little Jackson Lake (Deadman Peak area)
Little Medicine Lake (Medicine Lake area)
Little South Fork Lake (Thompson Peak area)
Log Lake (Boulder Peak area)
Log Pond (Hotlum area)
Lonesome Lake (Figurehead Mountain area)
Long Gulch Lake (Deadman Peak area)
Long High Lake (Boulder Peak area)
Lost Lake (Lake Shastina area)
Lost Lake (Medicine Mountain area)
Lost Spoon Lake (Prescott Mountain area)
Lough Lake (Sheep Mountain area)
Lower Bear Lake (Bear Peak area)
Lower Boulder Lake (Billys Peak area)
Lower Caribou Lake (Caribou Lake area)
Lower Cliff Lake (Seven Lakes Basin area)
Lower Klamath Lake (Lower Klamath Lake area)
Lower Klamath Lake Sump (Lower Klamath Lake area)
Lower Mill Lake (Callahan area)
Lower Russian Lake (Eaton Peak area)
Lower Seven Lake (Seven Lakes Basin area)
Lower Sky High Lake (Marble Mountain area)
Lower Wright Lake (Boulder Peak area)
Luther Lake (Thompson Peak area)
Man Eaten Lake (Marble Mountain area)
Marlahan Pond (Fort Jones area)
Mavis Lake (Billys Peak area)
McCash Lake (Ukonom Lake area)
Medicine Lake (Medicine Lake area)
Meeks Meadow Lake (Etna area)
Meiss Lake (MacDoel area)
Meteor Lake (Ukonom Lake area)
Middle Boulder Lake (Billys Peak area)
Mill Creek Lake (Billys Peak area)
Mill Creek Ponds (Boulder Peak area)
Miller Lake (Worden area)
Milne Lake (English Peak area)
Monument Lake (Ukonom Lake area)
Moraine Lake (Caribou Lake area)
Moraine Lake (Thompson Peak area)
Mud Lake (Dorris area)
Mud Lake (MacDoel area)
Mud Lake (Sawyers Bar area)
Neil Lake (Eaton Peak area)
Nordheimer Lake (Salmon Mountain area)
Ogaromtoc Lake (Bark Shanty Gulch area)
Onemile Lake (Ukonom Lake area)
Oro Fino Pond (Greenview area)
Orr Lake (Bray area)
Osprey Lake (English Peak area)
Panhandle Lake (Mount Dome area)
Paradise Lake (Marble Mountain area)
Paynes Lake (Eaton Peak area)
Picayune Lake (Forks of Salmon area)
Pine Lake (English Peak area)
Pleasant Lake (Ukonom Lake area)
Poison Lake (Deadman Peak area)
Porcupine Lake (Porcupine Butte area)
Porcupine Lake (South China Mountain area)
Pumpkinseed Lake (Penoyar area)
Rainbow Lake (Rainbow Mountain area)
Rainy Lake (Marble Mountain area)
Raspberry Lake (Preston Peak area)
Red Rock Lakes (Red Rock Lakes area)
Rock Fence Lake (South China Mountain area)
Rock Lake (Youngs Peak area)
Ruffey Lakes (Etna area)
Rush Creek Lake (Deadman Peak area)
Russell Lake (Sharp Mountain area)
Russian Lake (Eaton Peak area)
Salmon Lake (Siligo Peak area)
Salt Lake (Little Shasta area)
Scott Bar Pond (Scott Bar area)
Scott Lake (Seven Lakes Basin area)
Secret Lake (Ukonom Lake area)
Section Line Lake (Billys Peak area)
Shadow Lake (Marble Mountain area)
Sheep Camp Lake (Mount Dome area)
Sheepy Lake (Sheepy Lake area)
Shelly Lake (Yellow Dog Peak area)
Siphon Lake (Eaton Peak area)
Siskiyou Lake (City of Mount Shasta area)   Click here for AllThingsShasta review.
Sisson Lake (Mount Shasta area)
Smith Lake (Eaton Peak area)
Smiths Lake (Sawyers Bar area)
Snake Lake (Figurehead Mountain area)
Snowslide Lake (Caribou Lake area)
Snyder Lake (Ukonom Lake area)
Soapstone Lake (historical) (Seven Lakes Basin area)
Soapstone Pond (Seven Lakes Basin area)
Solitaire Lake (Prescott Mountain area)
Solitare Lake (Prescott Mountain area)
South Fork Lakes (Deadman Peak area)
South Sugar Lake (Eaton Peak area)
Souza Lake (Red Rock Lakes area)
Spirit Lake (Ukonom Lake area)
Statue Lake (Eaton Peak area)
Steamboat Lake (Little Shasta area)
Steinacher Lake (Forks of Salmon area)
Sugar Lake (Eaton Peak area)
Summit Lake (Hotlum area)
Summit Lake (Marble Mountain area)
Summit Lake (Mount Dome area)
Summit Meadow Lake (Marble Mountain area)
Surprise Lake (Ash Creek Butte area)
Tamarack Lake (Garner Mountain area)
Taylor Lake (Eaton Peak area)
Telephone Lake (Billys Peak area)
Terrace Lake (Seven Lakes Basin area)
Tickner Lake (Ukonom Lake area)
Timber Lake (Seven Lakes Basin area)
Toad Lake (Horse Peak area)
Toad Lake (South China Mountain area)
Tobacco Lake (English Peak area)
Toms Lake (English Peak area)
Toms Lake (Ukonom Lake area)
Towhead Lake (Kangaroo Mountain area)
Trail Gulch Lake (Deadman Peak area)
Trout Lake (Little Shasta area)
Tule Lake (Hatfield area)
Turk Lake (Grider Valley area)
Twin Lakes (Deadman Peak area)
Twin Lakes (Eaton Peak area)
Ukonom Lake (Ukonom Lake area)
Uncles Lake (English Peak area)
Upper Albert Lake (Eaton Peak area)
Upper Boulder Lake (Billys Peak area)
Upper Cliff Lake (Seven Lakes Basin area)
Upper English Lake (English Peak area)
Upper Gray Rock Lake (Seven Lakes Basin area)
Upper Gumboot Lake (Mumbo Basin area)
Upper Seven Lake (Seven Lakes Basin area)
Upper Sky High Lake (Marble Mountain area)
Upper Wright Lake (Boulder Peak area)
Virginia Lake (Billys Peak area)
Washbasin Lake (Billys Peak area)
Waterdog Lake (Eaton Peak area)
West Boulder Lake (Billys Peak area)
West Park Lakes (China Mountain area)
Wet Weather Lake (White Horse area)
White Deer Lake (Hambone area)
White Lake (Lower Klamath Lake area)
Wicks Lake (Etna area)
Wild Horse Lake (Red Rock Lakes area)
Wild Lake (English Peak area)
Willis Hole (Prescott Mountain area)
Wolverine Lake (Boulder Peak area)
Wooley Lake (English Peak area)

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